ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Quality objectives

The organization shall establish written quality objectives, at each applicable function and level within the organization. The quality objectives shall be consistent with the quality policy. Quality objectives shall include those needed to meet requirements for products, services and related processes.

Quality planning

Quality planning shall determine the activities needed to achieve quality objectives. This planning shall be consistent with other requirements of the quality management system and shall be written in a format to suit the operating practice.Consideration shall be given to the following issues:

  • Allocation of resources, responsibilities and authority needed.
  • Processes that constitute the operating practice and where specific procedures and instructions apply.
  • Identification and acquisition of needed equipment, resources and skills.

  • Clarification of standards of acceptability for all requirements, including those which contain subjective judgement.
  • Identification of suitable verification activities.
  • Need for and preparation of quality records.
  • Defining selected processes and determining inputs and outputs. We were built, brick upon brick to form a solid structure. We enjoy the backing of major organisations, both locally and Internationally.

Out of + 400 registered traditional freight organisations, we are a proudly South African entity that is amongst the industry leaders to be accredited. From mission and vision and type of customers we have positioned ourselves in the industry as a world player. We applied to be accredited in accordance with world standards in November 2001 after going through the tough process of qualifying. A couple of historically traditional companies that are in the market have achieved this status, some in existence for 25 years and more. However, no other Black Economic Empowerment Shipping company such as Sebenza Forwarding can boast with this achievement. Service Excellence to be measured with quality service.

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